Cheesequake Farms greenhouses are ready wiht tried and true favorites and new varieties.  Start planting your garden considering space, light and bumper crop yields.    Think abundant & fabulous flowers and fresh  & healthy vegetables to prepare for your table.   Dream big!!!!              

Now is the time to get that instant completed look. Come in and see the colorful, blooming plants that will complete your garden.  Instant beautification!

Our greenhouse has an amazing selection of annuals, perennials and vegetable plants.  We start with top quality seed and many of these varieties are the ones we plant in our own fields.  Cheesequake Farms is proud to offer our top quality bedding plants.

Here is a list of some (but not all) of our plants:

Annuals                              Vegetables                        Perennials
Geraniums                            Tomatoes 25+ varieties       80+           
                                            including heirlooms
Impatiens                             Sweet Peppers
Begonias                               Hot peppers - Scoville scale ratings
Salvia                                   Eggplants
Marigolds                              Zucchini, yellow squash
Petunias                                Beans; string, wax, pole, lima, soy, etc.
Dahlias                                 Melons
Gerbera Daisy                       Lettuce
Dusty Miller                           Corn
Ageratum                              Broccoli
                                            Brussel Sprouts
Lobelia                                    Basil 6+ varieties
Portulaca                                 Cucumbers
Dianthus                                  Carrots
Verbena                                   Pumpkins - small & large 

  • Proven Winners 18+ Varieties with multiple color selections

Phlox, Lobelia, Torenia, Angelonia, Lantana, Osteospermum, Lysimachia (Creeping Jenny), Petunias (Supertunia, Surfinias, Cascadias), Verbena, Calibrachoa (Million Bells), Diamond Frost, Nemesia, Diascia, Bacopa, Scaevola, many different accent plants 

Hanging Baskets

"Devine" vine collection
   Mina vine
   Morning Glories, many different colors
   Moon Flowers
   Cardinal Climbers
   Hyacinth Bean
   Scarlet Runner    

                                               Cheesequake Farms

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